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The Legal Support Command (LSC) ( is a component of the California State Guard (CSG) (, a state military force that, along with its sister services, the California Army National Guard and California Air National Guard, is a component of the California Military Department (CMD).  The CSG was authorized by Congress under Title 32 of the U.S. Code and established by the Legislature under the California Military and Veterans Code. It is under the command of the Adjutant General of California and the Governor.  

CSG Judge Advocate Officers (JAGs) are state officers who are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), as incorporated into state law, as well as military orders and regulations.  While CSG JAGs perform mandatory military duty, including monthly drills and training, and typically serve without pay, they may also be ordered to paid State Active Duty (SAD), including during state emergencies, and appointed to full time SAD positions.  

CSG JAGs provide a full range of legal services to the California Army National Guard, California Air National Guard, California Military Department, and other state government clients, as well as authorized legal assistance and trial defense services to individual soldiers and airmen and their families.  CSG JAGs work independently and as part of a team in a professional military environment, including an armory, headquarters, installation, courtroom, office, field, or austere deployed environment.

Duties include providing legal reviews, advice, and opinions to commanders and their staff; providing legal training and briefings; drafting regulations, legislation, memoranda, and other materials; conducting legal research; representing the state or individual soldiers or airmen in administrative, judicial, or court martial proceedings; providing legal advice and representation to soldiers, airmen and their families; and any other military duties to which they may be assigned.  

Prior military experience is desirable, as is legal experience in one or more areas of law relevant to the current needs of the California Army National Guard, California Air National Guard, or Military Department.  This can include military operational and personnel law, environmental and land law, immigration, ethics, contracting and procurement, cyber defense and security, litigation, government law, family law, and legal assistance.

Recruitment will be targeted to fill specific needs at California Army National Guard, California Air National Guard, and California Military Department headquarters, installations, armories, and other facilities statewide.